Moa Island Weaving Workshop

In May 2018 I had the amazing opportunity as an artist facilitator with Flying Arts, to fly up to the Torres Strait Islands and work with weavers on Moa Island. Creating Sculptures using natural fibres and cane .

I worked with a group of  experienced weavers who wanted the opportunity to create  sculptures incorporating their weaving skills. The artists were very productive and each created a sculpture ranging from a small woven form to a giant Yam, Flower and pregnant lady!! A highlight during the week was when  Flora Warria and her mother Lillian Bosun showed me many different trees and plants on the island that the weavers use for traditional weaving and dyeing.

I had a wonderful time working with the weavers on Moa Island. Everyone made me feel very welcome and I loved learning about the different plants and dyes they use. Flora is hoping to write a book about the plants on Moa Island and their traditional uses for medicine, weaving and dyeing. A few of the artists will also exhibit work in  October 2018 at Woolloongabba Art Gallery in Brisbane.